Andi Smith

Shrinkwrap Your Dependencies

Front end development has evolved over the last couple of years thanks to `npm` popularised by task runners such as Grunt and Gulp. Thanks to our package.json files, it's easy for another developer to get set up on our project in seconds by typing `npm install`. But what happens when some time has passed and your project dependencies have moved on? A new version of a package may introduce a new bug, or completely change its functionality altogether.

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Beginning Web Development

There are so many things to learn in web development now that it can feel incredibly overwhelming - but it can also be very rewarding. What fascinated me about web development was the ability to create - I love to create - and when I started out building web pages I found it incredibly easy to express my creativity with HTML and CSS in just a few lines of code. Here's some tips for if you're just starting out!

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Media Queries: The Next Generation

2012 really felt like a progressive step forward for Responsive Web Design. Using a responsive grid became popular as a convienent way of handling column configurations over breakpoints. Using these techniques, we could ensure that content was king and provide the optimal experience for our users regardless of how they were viewing our web page. But for all the possibilities media queries allow, there appears to be a problem with the current selection of available conditions.

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