Andi Smith is obsessed with creating great experiences on the web.

Andi works as a front end Technical Architect at ideas and innovation agency AKQA and lives with his wife Amy in London, England.

Andi Smith has been building websites for over 15 years (since 1998). He started by building a few simple sites at college, but it was not long until Andi had bigger ideas and created TFGF.net – a indie games community that grew and grew eventually becoming Planet Klik. With a continued interest in indie gaming, Andi created Natomic Studios, a games company which produced 19 games between 2000-2003 and had a thriving community presence.

Since then Andi has worked as a web developer for 3 different companies before becoming a Technical Architect at ideas and innovation agency AKQA, where he is involved in the inception of projects leading a team to ensure the right solutions are found; the right foundations are created and the right design decisions are made.

Andi has been involved with a range of projects including Heineken Star Player, a dual screen interactive football game which won a Gold Cannes Lion award. Andi's own side project "Dev Tool Secrets" was recently nominated for a NET award 2014.

Andi is interested in the following:

  • Problem Solving
  • Prototyping
  • Evaluating new technologies
  • Developer engagement
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Flexibility

You can find out more about Andi by viewing the latest version of his CV (PDF).