Please Vote For Me

By Andi Smith - Friday, February 28 2014

Please note: This post has been archived and may contain information that is no longer accurate or relevant to the subject matter discussed.

Last May, I launched a site dedicated to sharing browser developer tool tips and tricks called the ‘Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools’.

The site has since been nominated for a NET award for Side Project of the Year. It is a great honour to have been nominated for an award; and I’m now excited to see if the site can make it in to the shortlist.

If you’ve used ‘Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools” in any capacity and have found it a useful resource, I would really appreciate your vote.

You can vote for my project here.

Thanks for reading.

Andi Smith

Andi Smith is a web developer from London, United Kingdom. He likes to build highly performant websites which innovate with genuine value.