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If you've ever written an article about HTML5 web technologies, you'll appreciate how important it can be to inform your readers which browsers the technology works with.

The "When Can I Use" Web Widget provides authors with the ability to include up to date information about browser support for a feature they are talking about based on the data crafted by


  • Provides the latest "When Can I Use" information to your readers without manual maintanence.

  • Easy to include in any article (here's how).

  • Runs standalone without the need for a JS library.

  • Customise look and feel easily.

  • Fork me on Github!


4 Simple Steps to Use

To include the Can I Use Web Widget in your page, you need to complete the following simple steps:

  1. Download the library.

  2. With the rest of your stylesheets at the top of the page, include caniuse.css:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/caniuse.css" />
  3. Include the following JavaScript file at the bottom of your page, before the </body> tag:

    <script src="/js/caniuse.js" /></script>
  4. Where ever you wish to show the Can I Use Web Widget, include the following HTML:

    <div class="caniuse" data-feature="feature"></div>

    You'll need to change the value of data-feature="feature" to the feature you wish to show information on.

You can customise the browsers shown and output from the JavaScript file.


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Andi Smith is a Presentational Technical Architect based in London who loves diving in to HTML5; CSS3 and JavaScript APIs. He has been building websites for over 13 years for companies such as Barclays, Nike, Heineken, Sainsburys, Coca Cola and Unilever. He hopes you find this widget useful!

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