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Media Queries: The Next Generation

2012 really felt like a progressive step forward for Responsive Web Design. Using a responsive grid became popular as a convienent way of handling column configurations over breakpoints. Using these techniques, we could ensure that content was king and provide the optimal experience for our users regardless of how they were viewing our web page. But for all the possibilities media queries allow, there appears to be a problem with the current selection of available conditions.

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CSS Regions

Currently if you have a page where content is separated by a drastic change in layout you will need to include part of your content inside one element, and the other part inside another element. If you're using a CMS, this means you need to have two content fields for what is essentially related content. CSS Columns already offers functionality to separate content in to columns but CSS Regions provide greater control and flexibility of content on your page by allowing content to flow through the page structure, whatever that structure is.

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CSS3 Backgrounds of the Future

Whilst we've been busy supporting older versions of Internet Explorer, a few new CSS features for backgrounds have sprung out of the woodwork and in to our browsers.

  • `background-size`
  • `background-clip`
  • and `background-origin`

These features have been hiding behind their more popular gradient background color cousins; but are worth making a note of, especially if you're creating sites for mobile phones and recent browsers; and the best news is that they are completely prefix-free!

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