Andi Smith

Real Time Communications with WebRTC Talk

Last week, I spoke at AKQA Anoraks on Real Time Communications with WebRTC. I spoke about the WebRTC project and specification; and how we can output the webcam and microphone streams to the HTML5 video element and Web Audio API to create fun effects.

I received some great interest from the talk on the night, so thanks to everyone who came. The slides to my talk are available here. If you already follow my blog you may notice it was loosely based on a couple of blog posts I wrote last July; but updated to include the latest developments in the specification.

I'm interested in re-running this talk at meet ups and conferences near London, so if you are interested please get in contact!


For the last few months I have been co-organising evening meet-ups in London known as AKQA Anoraks. These meetups are primarily aimed at techies who work for digital agencies, but much of the content is useful for any web developers or software engineers.

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Scaring Off Beginners

There has already been far too much conversation about whether semicolons are appropriate to use at the end of lines in JavaScript. Serious problems could have been solved in the time JavaScript experts have spent arguing about this. And if the experts can't make a decision on something as simple as semicolons, what chance do beginners have of understanding JavaScript at all?

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